American Christian (Ep46)

 AMERICAN CHRISTIAN #46“What Say the Scriptures” Today we will investigate the Word of God to see if we have any supporting context for the doctrine o...View Details

 AMERICAN CHRISTIAN #45“What is a Lesser Magistrate” Dr. Nichols asks the question: Is there a direct relationship between reformation and revival? Wh...View Details

 AMERICAN CHRISTIAN #44“God and Caesar”The Christian's Relationship to the Civil Government Dr. Nichols asks the question: What does Jesus mean by, “R...View Details

 AMERICAN CHRISTIAN #43“Chose and Decide”Charismatic Renewal (Part 1) In Acts 2:17,     And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God,     That...View Details

 AMERICAN CHRISTIAN #42“God Is Ready!” The Father has sent redemption, Jesus Christ, to redeem His people.  In Ep 42, we are exploring what comes next...View Details

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