Dr David Nichols teaches believers how to minister healing to people who have certain kinds of illnesses.  There is a whole category of illness caused by fear, stress, and anxiety, rather than by physical factors.  These illnesses often times can be healed and the pain that goes with them reduced by ministering the Father’s love, seeing God as a good father.  Dr Nichols is targeting those who have a grasp of the Bible's teaching on healing who are compassionate Christians who want to bring healing into the lives of others by relieving their suffering and pain.

This course explores the ways in which compassionate Christians may minister healing to those afflicted with fear-based diseases.  These illnesses are discussed with appropriate Scriptures, and testimonials are given of people who were healed by the Father’s perfect love (I John 4:18).  The authority of the Words of the Scriptures are brought to bear on fear-based diseases.  Recorded at Josiah Center in Maplewood, MN, 2019.

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